Stay in Touch, the World is Changing

JAKARTA (LL), 24th January 2018 –  The world is changing in such a fast pace that organizations are struggling to keep up. What should we do to keep up with all the changes that occur? Are we going to be major followers or stick with old patterns?

Make a wise and smart decision and follow all the changes that happen so as not to miss from other companies and stick focus on your core business. Complete all devices or facilities supporting the activities that may affect the profitability of the company.  Efficiency with overhead cost reduction patterns are not the only solution to boost corporate profits. Please take advantage of smart partnership concepts by considering the positive impact that will be gained for the long term.

Start by  :  CALCULATE  !!!

  1. How much savings are earned in terms of time and money
  2. How many “opportunities” will be obtained with a partnership pattern

PT Sistelindo Mitralintas is ready to be a trusted partner for the needs of :

  1. Internet & Data communication services
  2. Managed Services Solution
  3. Business Continuity Solution
  4. Wiring Services
  5. M2M Solution

With work experience as a reliable and highly committed Local Service Provider in serving both multinational & local company more than 20 years, Sistelindo will be able to assist you in following all the changes taking place in the field of ICT Technology which has a great influence on all aspects of human life today.

Let’s get together, hand in hand to deal with all the changes occurred, so that the management of all available facilities will increase the company’s profits significantly.  Please note that managing change and facing challenges without having to work under pressure is a key word to be successful.

Best Regards,
Laurensia Lotus
President Director of PT Sistelindo Mitralintas

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