Everybody Deserves a Reward

JAKARTA (LL), 3th August 2017 – In an age when retail businesses continue to grow at a rapid rate, it is makes sense that competition for profit have also increased immensely. Everyone have the opportunity to grow depending on how many customers are loyal to their stores and or products, but the question for business owner : “how can we keep their loyalty and their satisfaction when shopping at our store?

Various solutions have been created, one of which is to invite consumers to have membership cards and provide promotions with various awards either in the form of direct rewards by using “point reward”, or through the lottery periodically. Is this the solution to attract customers to remain loyal at this time? How big and effective is the contribution made to the company’s revenue growth to date? How easy is it for the company owners to get a maximal success rates without worrying about the decrease in loyalty of their customers?

Now is the time to think and transform the strategy of building a love for our company and ultimately increase the customers’ loyalty. “Trofast Rewards” is a platform for loyalty program that was developed for both merchants and customers. Customers will be satisfied and loyal to the company where their needs are met and retailers can reward their customers for their loyalty.

Why “Trofast Rewards”?

“Trofast Rewards” eliminates the hassles associated with other reward programs as there is no obligation for consumers to:

  1. Always carry all the membership cards they have whenever they go shopping.
  2. Show physical membership card or barcode thru Smartphone to redeem points in order to get a prize.
  3. Memorize the membership number.
  4. Worry that the member card is damaged and their rights to redeem for a prize are lost due to the missing points and also the validity period of membership unknowingly is exhausted so the right to get the gift was lost.
  5. To pay when creating a new member card or annual fee for renewal membership.
  6. Exchange the temporary membership card to a permanent membership card.
  7. To fill in registration form at different locations or each stores for new membership registration, so that personal data of members spread everywhere.

On the other hand, there are also many perks for the business owners, one of which is the convenience to conduct analysis on the growth of the business and reward their customers accordingly. Other important features as follows :

  1. The availability of accurate and real-time data on the transaction fluctuations that occur in any of the business location as the data is available and can be seen on the Dashboard.
  2. No need providing promotional materials, such as flyers, brochures, and stickers or others.
  3. There is no need for a budget to create membership cards and or to burden the customers to pay in order to be a member. Other fees such as card activation, annual, and damaged card replacement fees can all be eliminated.
  4. Make easier to access to data of transaction at any time from the system, this consequently assists the business owners in making quick and strategic decisions for business development mainly to increase customer base.
  5. Fast in identifying of inactive customers, who can be invited back by giving them a special reward in accordance with the promotion program.

“Trofast Rewards” “is a smart solution to assist the business owners in creating a loyalty program which fulfilling the consumer needs, because everyone deserves a reward.

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